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Welcome to my site.

My name is Lindsay Shapiro. I am a registered Social Worker and a Nutritionist. I'm hoping that I can help you or someone you know and care about have a happier and healthier life. My philosophy about life is when people know how to do better....they do. Sometimes we need a bit of extra help to get us on track. Perhaps we want to move forward but are having a difficult time? Maybe we would like to feel better about ourselves or have a more meaningful relationship with our partner? parents? friends or children? Perhaps we feel depressed or anxious and these feelings are holding us back or affecting our lives in a negative way?

My goal is to help you achieve your goal. Whatever that might be through a combination of evidence based practice that includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Based Therapy, mindfulness, education and concrete tools and strategies.

My approach is client centered which means I meet you where YOU are and WE work together on a journey to achieve your goals.

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